Childhood memories, photos or memorable stories on trips you have been go on are what you want to share with everyone…Every- day life stories: the noisy, burdens, happiness that cannot be expressed face to face with anyone, only can be written down on your website….and so on. All inspire us the idea of creating a diary where memories, stories, photos… over the years are stored and shared, where you can back to your childhood.

Templaza is very pleased to announce that DIARY- WordPress Theme is released. With beautiful design and easy-to-use features, Diary is really a great theme



DIARY is a Responsive WordPress Theme. This theme will adapt automatically to the screensize of all devices and display all the contents in an intuitive way. Wherever you go, you can access the design on your tablet or smart phone.



Blog is where you can write everything you want to share to everyone. It can be about your interesting adventures when you go on a holiday or a go fishing tour with your friends when you were a child.



Contact is so familiar but so necessary. This is the way for visitors to keep in touch with business owners through emails or phone calls


An online notebook which you have been looking for to express your thoughts, your feelings, to share your stories in appears. Diary is available on WordPress platform. Enjoy it and you will see how it is great!