Version 1.2.1:  20 January 2015
      ~FIXED: Errors for new installs of the theme

Version 1.2.0 : 7 January 2015
      ~ ADDED: The possibility to use sandbox API from PayPal
      ~ ADDED: The possibility to choose what features your users can use when they create their listings
      ~ ADDED: Option to change kilometers in miles for geolocation radius
      ~ ADDED: Image Holder for listings that don't have a featured image
      ~ ADDED: Listings category URL generator in "Icon Content" shortcode
      ~ ADDED: Listings duplicates check(title and coordinates)
      ~ ADDED: Show stars for each rating in listings (Stars are are not showing for the old ratings)
      ~ FIXED: The pagination of the "Recent Places" shortcode is not working on homepage
      ~ FIXED: New Users cannot upload/use images
      ~ FIXED: Users role is now displayed properly in admin users page
      ~ FIXED: Payment currency is not displayed correctly in front-end (now you have to set it manually)
      ~ FIXED: "Latest Posts" widget visual bug when the title is longer than one line
      ~ FIXED: Partners links are not disabled when there is no link
      ~ FIXED: "Blog" shortcode filtering problem
      ~ FIXED: Custom excerpt don't work for listings(used when you create your listings content with the page builder" 
      ~ FIXED: Listings contact icons generation bug
      ~ FIXED: Not all fonts are changing when they are changed from typography option

Version 1.1.2 : 18 November 2014
      ~ FIXED: Some minor bugs

Version 1.1.1 : 31 October 2014
      ~ ADDED: Option to set map default zoom
      ~ IMPROVED: Contact fields can have links as their value
      ~ FIXED: Registered users can see "Submit for Review" after their account expired
      ~ FIXED: Some words are not translatable ("Comments are not allowed", "Search" for listings, "No ratings yet", "By", "Rating", "Date")
      ~ FIXED: "Text" shortcode lose text formatting when edited
      ~ FIXED: Shortcodes children lose their close button after post save
      ~ FIXED: Dividers have green color even when their color theme is changed
      ~ FIXED: In some cases, the page sidebar cannot be changed
      ~ FIXED: Option "Pinned header" don't work
      ~ FIXED: Map markers don't always show when geolocation is active
      ~ FIXED: Minor visual bugs

Version 1.1.0 : 21 October 2014
      ~ ADDED: Listings custom fields
      ~ ADDED: Option to change listings name in permalinks
      ~ ADDED: Possibility to show just the "map" or just the "listings filter bar" 
      ~ ADDED: Video and gallery format to listings
      ~ ADDED: Contact Form 7 to "Contact Form" shortcode
      ~ IMPROVED: Heading tags are used properly (SEO)
      ~ IMPROVED: "Best Sites" shortcode can now show properly more than 4 items
      ~ IMPROVED: Posts now have their date displayed
      ~ FIXED: Listings search don't filter map markers properly
      ~ FIXED: "Login Form" shortcode don't work
      ~ FIXED: Ratings details are displayed even when ratings are turned off for listings
      ~ FIXED: Posts date displayed in widgets is not correct
      ~ FIXED: Minor visual bugs
      ~ FIXED: Some words are not translatable

Version 1.0.2 : 16 October 2014
      ~ ADDED: Option to use/not use geolocation feature
      ~ ADDED: Option to always have geolocation active
      ~ ADDED: Option to display map in different pages (e.g. archive, search, 404 etc)
      ~ IMPROVED: Page Builder interface visual improvements
      ~ IMPROVED: Listings categories and locations have a scroll bar if they are many.
      ~ IMPROVED: "Best Sites" shortcode have an option to display only featured listings
      ~ IMPROVED: "Best Sites" shortcode can filter listings by category and location
      ~ IMPROVED: Listings pages now have a marker that shows their location on their maps
      ~ FIXED: Register forms don't give package information if there is only one package created.
      ~ FIXED: Users cannot register from "Login/Register Form" widget.
      ~ FIXED: Header top bar don't hide when you choose to not display it from options.

Version 1.0.1 : 10 October 2014
      ~ IMPROVED: google map UI improvements
      ~ IMPROVED: google map markers cluster together when they are too close to each other
      ~ FIXED: minor visual bugs
      ~ FIXED: Listings contact fields not saving icon
      ~ FIXED: Some words from localization files are missing
      ~ FIXED: Admin shortcodes window opens without any content

Version 1.0.0 : 05 October 2014
      ~ Initial release