Duotive 5ive for WordPress is highly customizable, giving you the possibility to build your website the way you want it to! We’ve put a lot of work and efforting in the design and development process, hoping that it will give you all the tools you need.

Check out the demo website! but please keep in mind that a single demo website cannot illustrate its true potential. Having the option to create unlimited frontpages, slideshows and color schemes is just too much for one demo website. Next, the main features.



 “Wow! Wow wow wow!!!! This theme is 10x better than ANYTHING I have ever used before. Cross-browser compatibility, compatibility with other plugins, and just an absolutely mind-blowing attention to detail in the CSS, layouts, JS, etc. Duotive 5ive alone should be the roadmap that shows everyone else just how far WordPress can go. It’s THAT good.”
— Tim Ventura

Duotive admin Panel v3

Main features

Duotive admin Panel v3 — the new and improved admin panel from Duotive makes everything easier! With a user-friendly and interactive interface, setting up your website will be a piece of cake. You can easily navigate between sections and change the settings available with a few mouse clicks. You can even customize it! Change the highlight color and disable the Duotive logo if you need to.

Unlimited frontpages — Create your own frontpage using the Duotive Frontpage manager. The simple user interface along with the Duotive widgets will give you enough options to set your home page apart from others.

Duotive admin Panel v3

Slideshows — Showcase your wonderful work with beautiful slideshows. Create as many as you like, assign them to as many pages or posts you need. All the slideshows have been rewritten to offer more customization options, but also improve their functionality. Managing your slideshows is easily done with the new interface within the Duotive admin Panel v3. Here are the slideshow types available, that you’ll be able to see on our demo website:

  • Duotive Full-Screen slideshow — enhance your website with a full-screen slideshow that will dynamically adjust the images according to the viewer’s browser window.
  • Duotive Full-Width slideshow — give a modern look to your website using the full-width slideshow. Adjusting its width according to the viewer’s browser window will avoid the “cropped-photo” look we all dislike.
  • Duotive Gallery slideshow — create a beautiful gallery using the three layouts we’ve added to the well-known gallery slideshow.
  • Duotive Complex slideshow — having a classic form, but packed with lots of modern features and customization options, the Complex slideshow will surely enhance your website, giving it the necessaryoomph to set it apart from other websites.

Duotive admin Panel v3

Unlimited styles — we wanted to give you the option to design your website, with your own colors and your own images and not force you to use a few color schemes that come with the theme. We developed the Style manager to achieve just that! You can now customize every inch of your website using custom styles. Create, edit, save and assign them to any page or post with a few clicks. We even created 11 predefined styles to get you started more easily.

Duotive admin Panel v3

Blogs and portfolios — the most important features of WordPress are getting less and less attention. Duotive 5ive was designed with typography and style in mind, hoping that it will enhance your content, making it accessible and easy to read. Typography is a huge part of our theme and we made sure you’ll have the right tools when creating your own content. Having multiple layouts to choose from gives great flexibility and style. Set the type of each post and project individually using the available options to give your viewers more information about the content you’re sharing.

Shortcodes — Duotive 5ive has a lot of ready-to-use shortcodes available within the Visual editor, some of which being: HTML5 video and audio player, lists, slideshows, galleries, content holders, lots of custom buttons, tabs, accordions, tours, etc. Add shortcodes to your content to organize your content and maintain your website fresh.

Duotive custom widgets — widgets are very important to WordPress and for this reason we designed and coded the following:

  • Contact details — share your contact details with a simple yet elegant widget;
  • Contact form — give your viewers an easy way to get in touch to you;
  • Language — designed for the “qTranslate” plugin, it allows users to switch between languages when on a multilingual website;
  • Mini gallery — a powerful mini-gallery that can be placed in any widget area;
  • Newsflash — create a news widget in which you can place your latest posts from any given post categories;
  • Recent posts — similar to the Newsflash widget, the recent posts widget displays an elegant blog listing with each posts featured image;
  • Recent projects — add a project listing from any given portfolios on your website, to provide easy access to your latest work;
  • Recent tweets — add your Twitter account to your website to to share your tweets with your viewers;
  • Slideshow — a powerful and useful slideshow that can be placed anywhere on your website
  • Tabs — organize your information in a small space with the elegant Tabs widget;
  • Testimonials — share your clients thoughts with this simple yet extremely useful widget.

Written documentation — instead of using videos, we decided to give you a better source of information about our theme. Writing the documentation and integrating it within the Duotive admin Panel v3 will make sure you’re well informed whenever necessary. We think of it as a proper User’s Manual and not a simple introduction material. Designed for easy reading and fast searching it contains all the information you will need when using our theme.

Duotive admin Panel v3

And much, much more!

UPDATE 1.11 – 15 NOVEMBER 2013

  • Removed the contact email from the contact page HTML.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - version change

UPDATE 1.10 – 14 AUGUST 2013

  • Updated jquery ui to the latest version to fix the customer reported menu issue.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - version change

UPDATE 1.09 – 21 JUNE 2013

  • Updated twitter widget to work with new 1.1 api.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/includes/duotive-widgets/duotive-twitter-widget.php - removed
/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/includes/duotive-widgets/duotive-twitter-widget/ - folder added
/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - version change
/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/images/widgets/dt-twitter-icon.png - removed
/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/images/widgets/twitter-widget-favorite.png - added
/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/images/widgets/twitter-widget-reply.png - added
/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/images/widgets/twitter-widget-retweet.png - added

UPDATE 1.08 – 10 FEBRUARY 2013

  • Fixed problem with comment dates beeing the same date as the post creation date.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - only changed version

UPDATE 1.07 – 24 JANUARY 2013

  • Fixed problem in the Dt.A.P. with frontpage and slideshow tabs scrolling after wordpress 3.5 update.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - only changed version

Files added:


UPDATE 1.06 – 12 DECEMBER 2012

  • Fixed with drop downs inside the Dt.A.P.
  • Fixed problem with the new upload media button on add/edit post/page/project pages.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - just changed the version

UPDATE 1.05B – 11 OCTOBER 2012

  • Fixed problem with twitter widget and the new twitter api location URL.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - just changed the version


UPDATE 1.05 – 24 SEPTEMBER 2012

  • Fixed problem with quotes and double quotes inside the info bubble on the contact page
  • Made portfolio filters translatable and blog pages titles translatable.
  • Fixed problem with dt Gallery when preview is on and the images are inherited from the attached images, the gallery preview and the modal window started at the same time.
  • Updated jQuery dt Tour to version 1.1 to fix google analytics incompatibility problem.
  • Added related posts/projects setting in the back-end.
  • Fixed single project page and one column portfolio template meta category translation.
  • Added new full screen and full width slideshows option that auto-hides the slide’s description box (e.g. title, description, button) when a user hovers the general area of the slideshow.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - version change only


UPDATE 1.04 – 13 AUGUST 2012

  • Fixed problem with images going over meta and sharing when images are the last thing in the single post full width page.
  • Fixed problem with 404 error page title translation not saving.
  • Fixed problem with translating comment related strings and mo/po files.
  • Added fixed width and height to the slide thumb in the backend to stop image that are uploaded prior to the theme activation from going over the panel and making it impossible to delete the slide./li>
  • Fixed problem with apostrophes added in the translation for the not found string and the dt gallery shortcode.
  • Fixed upload favicon button not working.
  • Fixed problem with gallery slider slide description and characters like ’ and ”.

Files changed:



UPDATE 1.03 – 22 JULY 2012

  • Fixed issues with the search not keeping current language;
  • Fixed problem with special characters ( ’ ) inside translations and slideshow and galleries calls;
  • Fixed problem with custom sidebar not assigning to pages on special situations;
  • Fixed problem with some youtube video URLs and blog listing and single post/project pages.

Files changed:

/wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/style.css - only version at the top of the file

UPDATE 1.02 – 10 JULY 2012

  • Fixed problem with footer and slideshow width on mobile devices.
  • Fixed jQuery problem with sending emails from the contact page.
  • Fixed problem with tour without images.

Files changed:


UPDATE 1.01 – 7 JULY 2012

  • Updated the twitter widget to fallback to the javascript version if the php fails to get the tweets

Files changed: