Figure/Ground is a bold blogging theme that transforms your site into adynamic, visually stimulating canvas of abstract shapes and content. The word dynamic refers not only to this theme’s visual design but also to its full-screen background animation. Meticulously designed on a responsive 64-pixel square grid with a 16-pixel sub-grid, Figure/Ground features comprehensive customization options including the ability to customize every color and an alternate “Circular” mode that makes things more curvy. Your content flows down the center of the page, blending into the background animation in an alternating sequence, before coming to the widgetized footer. A fixed header features space for a small site icon, a search bar, and a togglable menu. From its bold design to its out-of-the-box functionality and easy customization, Figure/Ground is sure to make your site memorable!

Theme Options/Features

The following options are available for this theme, via the Customizer:

  • Two Figure/Ground Color pickers.
  • Two Accent Color pickers.
  • Option for orthogonal or circular design details and animation.
  • Size of the figure/ground animation shapes.
  • Speed of the figure/ground animation, or turn the animation off.
  • Number of animation iterations to perform on page-load.
  • Custom copyright name field.
  • Show or hide “Proudly powered by WordPress”.
  • Show or hide theme information display.
  • One menu location, which supports items one level deep.
  • One widget location, in the footer, which displays in one, two, or three columns depending on the screen width.

The following features are also available:

  • Featured images.
  • Post formats: aside, image, galery, video, audio, quote, and link formats get special treatment and extra-big icons.
  • Custom styling for galleries, audio and video players, and playlists, which are also included in the editor styles.
  • Images get special treatment and really stand out in the highly abstract, artistic design of Figure/Ground. Accordingly, featured images and single-view image pages display large images without unnecessary padding or other chrome.
  • Abundant iconography (via Genericons), in post meta, post formats, archive page headers, and more.
  • Clean code built on _s and written by a WordPress core contributor.