The essence of a theme is in the provision of options for greater customizations and adaptations for end-users, in whatever form they wish it to be

— Jim Cartbe

What is Finixe Corporate?

A unique premium WordPress designed for the corporate world. It has outstanding features such as 7 color options, 64 background choices, 5 page templates and so on. The theme is also fully responsive, you can check out its responsive nature by clicking on the links below to test it.



  • In this age of mobile technology, a good corporate website should have precence on any type of mobile device


  • Sliders and highlights option, with quotes that can be made for every page.


  • Portfolio page with custom taxonomies that offers you a greater chance for addition of many projects. 


  • Blog page that allows for the addition of multiple images. If more than one image is found for an item, the blog image scroller takes effect. 
Widgetized Footer Portfolio Page With Custom Taxonomies
Blog Page that Supports Multi-Images Wide-Page View no matter the screen size
No worries, we’ve also included a powerful 404 page. And if they don’t want to search – then they contact you! Contact page has a contact form
Avatar-enabled comment form that picks out avatar from WordPress’ and displays for those who comment on your blog. 


We’ve included an option for Facebook comment type, in case you don’t want your database heat up with comments.

  • In-built widgetswidgetized sidebarsbuilt-in custom fields, 7 colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Dark, Light & Pink64 page backgrounds that can be combined by the colors, easy-to-customized admin controls …. and many more!