Gratitude is a responsive BuddyPress and a WordPress Theme, which can adapt to any screen resolution, whether you are viewing it from your smartphone or 27” screen, carefully handcrafted to suit your needs. Never heard of BuddyPress? BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin which allows your website to become a social network, a full-fledged community website. BuddyPress enables your users to interact with each other through status updates, groups, forums, friend system, internal messaging system, and a whole lot more.

What separates Gratitude from the rest? Besides being the first responsive BuddyPress theme from Themeforest, Gratitude has a clean design, focused on UX experience. The uniqueness will make it stand out from the rest and it will make sure this theme is one theme you’ll remember. Everything is pin-pointed just right, from well-structured pages to easy to understand menus. This BuddyPress theme will definitely help your community/users have a good and positive experience, and they will find what they are looking for quite easily and quickly. The theme comes with a easy theme options panel which can help you set everything to your community needs.

Oh and by the way, what makes BuddyPress so special, are plugins dedicated to this plugin. Gratitude works beautifully with each and every major plugin which supports the latest version of BuddyPress (v1.5.3.1). Any plugin, like BP Labs, BuddyStream, BuddyPress ScholarPress, CubePoints for BuddyPress work wonders. At the moment, the only plugin I tested which was not working correctly is Achievements, because the plugin author hasn’t updated his plugin to support the latest standards of BuddyPress. But even that is fixed now. I’ve talked with Paul, and he’s planning in releasing an update, so it will be compatible! . As always, I am always trying my best to provide you the exceptional support you would expect to get.

Need theme support?

Jump into the comments section. Tell me what you’ve dreamt last night, ask me your questions, I’m here to answer.

Don’t want to use BuddyPress?

No problem, captain! Gratitude works as a standalone Responsive WordPress theme too. If you want to, you can use this theme for just about anything, from blogging to personal portfolio or whatever crosses through your mind. Sky is the limit.

Do I have to memorize shortcodes?

No, you’ll never memorize shortcodes using our theme. We’re not a fan of 1000+ shortcodes. We’ve included shortcodes for Alerts, Buttons, Columns, Tabs, Toggles. We kept the rule of KISS (Keep it simple stupid). No, everything should be pretty easy for the user to use. Gratitude has a custom Shortcode Generator, which enables to preview the end result, while you’re crafting the shortcode. How about that? Everything is easy peasy!

Lovely Portfolio!

We tried to make the adding of portfolio items, for the beloved artists here, a breeze. Videos and Images are supported in portfolio items. You can add extra details about your clients, to spice things up a bit. The Portfolio page is sortable out of the box, and you’ll love fiddling with the built in portfolio sorter from the backend. This way, you’ll always display what you want at the top of the portfolio page. That 3 year old item can now stand next to the freshly baked item now.

Unbranded White Label Admin

Gratitude is using an unbranded theme options panel, the kind of theme options you’ll love to show your clients : simple, yet effective. No unnecessary options included. We’ve kept it to the bare minimum.

Want unlimited Sidebars?

There are many plugins out there for adding multi-sidebar support. A lot of developers just copy the plugins code into their themes to add the feature, but we think it’s best you use the plugin so that you receive update notifications and you always have the latest version. How about that mates? Here is one example:

Cross-Browser support!

We’ve got it all set up. Gratitude works on all major browsers as intended: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE9. With the rise of HTML5 and CSS3, it’s tough for older browsers to keep up with the trend. Basic IE8 support has been included. Oh, and by the way, you shouldn’t worry about IE8 too much, because Microsoft started making automatic updates to the IE browsers. Now that’s some great news!

Crafted (Coded) with love

And we mean it. We use some of the latest nifty techniques in HTML5 and CSS3. We ensured that the theme provides outstanding search engine optimization, using proper coding standards. We understand we deliver our product to developers, so this theme is properly coded, no unneeded extra features you’ll never use and it’s probably one of theeasiest to understand code you’ll ever find on Themeforest. We provide a solid backbone for you to build upon, we offer just enough to get you started with your next project. Everything is straight forward and you’ll get used to the code in less time than you would’ve ever thought.

Theme features

  • WordPress 3.3.1 & BuddyPress compatible
  • Customisable accent colour via Theme Options
  • Full localization (.po/.mo files include)
  • Responsive Design (The layout adapts from HD to Mobile)
  • WordPress 3.0+ Ready ( Featured Images & Custom Menus)
  • White Label Theme Options
  • 8 Custom Widgets (Flickr, Login, Recent Activity, Recent Portfolio, Recent Posts, Register, Twitter, Video)
  • Shortcode generator with preview function
  • Filterable Portfolio
  • Page Templates (Home, Contact, Portfolio, Full Width, etc.)
  • Handcrafted Code (Easy to work with & efficient) & Design (Clean and Crisp)
  • PSD with UI elements included
  • Extensive Documentation