The New Theme Customizer

No two sites are alike, and that’s why we let you decide how your site should look and feel. With the Customizer you can test out different layouts, colors and a whole lot more. You even get to preview it all before it goes live to make sure everything is pixel perfect.

  •  Live preview environment
  •  Layout and Color selectors
  •  Post Display Options

Ready for Handheld Devices

At a time where most browsing is done through cellphones and tablets, why not guarantee your visitors will experience your website the way it is meant to be seen.

  •  Responsive from desktop all the way down to handheld.
  •  No need for extra mobile-plugins.
  •  Automatic from the moment you activate your theme.

Custom CSS Editor

Modifying core theme files like style.css is a bad idea, especially if you ever want to upgrade. That’s why we include a Custom CSS Editor with all of our premium themes.

  •  CSS stored directly to the database
  •  No need for extra plugins
  •  Safe for future upgrades

Advanced Color Picker

Why settle for the default color options when you can choose from any color on the rainbow? Easily select a color using the new Theme Options customizer and the custom color picker.

  •  Saturation control slider
  •  Basic colors selector
  •  Customize multiple elements

Featured Slider

Get the point across by featuring your most important information in the header slider. Use the slider admin page to create/edit each element.

  •  Customize slides
  •  Set autoplay intervals
  •  Fully responsive