• Just another single column theme but this time the emphasis is on website accessibility. This theme attempts to implement at least some of the website accessibility features that are so needed in most WordPress themes.
  • WordPress is continually striving to make the back-end of WordPress as accessible as possible. With every new version things are improving on the accessibility front.
  • Responsiveness is also something I had a look at in the theme. If a theme is not responsive it is inaccessible to the small screen users.
  • Out of the box the Neighborly theme might implement at least some accessibility features but this is all dependent on the content and the plugins you, the user, add to your site. If you for example add external links in the incorrect fashion, if you add an image without the necessary alt text attribute, if you forget to caption a video or you don’t add a transcript to an audio post, there can of course be no mention of website accessibility.
  • It is strongly recommended that you make use of a child theme before attempting any customization. Doing things this way means that you will not lose your changes as and when new versions of the theme see the light of day. When you create a child theme please do so in the manner recommended by WordPress.
  • I firmly believe that a WordPress theme should not contain functionality. The task of the theme is to display the content and that is all. Functionality falls squarely in the domain of plugins.
  • I have left the comments open on all these pages. This I have done so that you can make suggestions on any additions, omissions or alterations to the theme you would like to see in later versions. I would be particularly interested in hearing from folks who rely on the accessibility features of websites. No support queries will be entertained here, these should go to the appropriate WordPress forum. I do attempt to get to the forums as often as I can.