Introducing Pachyderm, a whimsical tumblog-style theme  supporting all post formats, featured images, optional right sidebar, drop-down menu, flexible header image, custom backgrounds, and a responsive layout for mobile devices. And what theme wouldn’t be complete without at least one pink elephant?

Pachyderm uses WordPress post formats with special icons for each format. Select the appropriate post format when composing your post and the icon and appearance will change accordingly. Sticky posts are also denoted with a unique icon. Check out the theme demo to see post formats in action.

The theme is flexible–make it as simple or fancy as you want! If pink elephants aren’t your style, you can swap out the header with your own image by going to Appearance -> Header. Drop-down menu navigation will appear if you configure a menu under Appearance -> Menus. Likewise, adding widgets to the right-hand sidebar under Appearance -> Widgets will cause the sidebar to appear (and the layout to widen).