Uptown is a classy & modern theme for bloggers & businesses.

Totally Responsive

Uptown is totally responsive meaning your content will look great on desktops, tablets, phones, and everything in-between. responsive

Includes 8 Post Formats

Uptown includes the following eight post formats:

  • gallery
  • image
  • video
  • audio
  • quote
  • status
  • aside
  • link

You can edit each easily with the built-in post format UI: post-formats

3 Custom Widgets & 2 Widget Areas

Custom widgets:

  • Improved recent posts
  • Improved recent comments
  • Social Icons

Show off your most recent posts and comments including the post thumbnails and comment author gravatars, and share links to your social profiles easily with the social icons widget. widgetsAdd widgets to your sidebar and to the special “after post content” widget area – it’s perfect for adding blog subscription forms after each post.

5 Custom Colors

Brand your site and give it the exact look you want with a 5-color palette and watch your site instantly update: custom-colors-2

2 Custom Menus

Use WordPress’ custom menus to build your main navigation and also a secondary (and optional) menu that goes it the footer. The secondary menu is great for links to privacy policies and TOS – pages that need to be on your site, but don’t require great visibility.

Layout Options

Change the layout of the site to a left-sidebar or right-sidebar with the click of a button: custom-layout

Author-Specific Social Icons

Each author on your site can also add links to their own social profiles that will be shown after each post.

Site-wide Social Icons

Easily add links to your social profiles at the top your site: social-icons

Author Job Titles

Allow each post author to include their position/occupation. author-box

Post Subtitles

Enhance post readability with optional subtitles for every post.

Logo Upload

Replace your site title with your logo and watch it update instantly: logo-upload

Responsive Videos

Uptown uses fitvids.js to resize all videos in your blog posts to perfectly fit the post container.

SEO Friendly

We’re not just saying it, we mean it. Uptown optimizes your site for the search engines in every way that a theme should:

  • semantic link anchors
  • optimized title tags
  • proper html heading structure
  • main content before sidebar content
  • clean, fast code

And leaves other SEO functionality better served by plugins to SEO plugins like “WordPress SEO.”


In order to minimize load times, Uptown:

  • concatenates and minifies all bundled JS files
  • uses one minified stylesheet for all styles
  • uses conditional logic to enqueue JS files
  • uses a dynamic, cacheable stylesheet for custom colors

This keeps your site running fast on the front end and in your admin panel.


Rest assured that all visitors can access and use your site with Uptown. To increase your site’s accessibility, Uptown:

  • Makes all elements keyboard accessible
  • Implements ARIA roles
  • Includes screen-reader specific text & labels
  • Includes a skip-to-main-content link

Cross-browser Compatible

Uptown has been tested on and officially supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • IE 9, 10, & 11